We began offshore software development as our new initiatives last year.

BJIT is a software developing company based in Bangladesh, which has 7 branches all over the world and they have been our reliable partner.

A lot of projects are running right this moment!

Sohel san, an excellent engineer from BJIT team is currently working in ARCHECO office with us!

He will be staying in our office for about 3 months to improve a project with us. He is a nice guy always smiling, yet still a bit shy. Our members are getting to know him and getting along while teaching Japanese words, having lunch and stuff.

Actually this is his very first time going abroad. It must be difficult to work in a totally new environment especially with a different culture and language. We had an interview to Sohel san on what kind of job he usually does, his impression on ARCHECO, the differences between working in Bangladesh and Japan and so on!

Q. It’s been almost a month since you arrived in Japan. How do you like it?

A. I miss my friends and family and was feeling down when I just arrived. But I’m getting used to it here with supports by Aftab san (Sohel san’s boss from BJIT and his articles are coming up soon!). He is a kind and helpful man I have ever met. Also ARCHECO people help me a lot too. Now I’m enjoying it thanks to them.

Q. What kind of job do you usually do?

A. I lead and manage my team to success. I find a way to solve a problem if there are any. I also communicate with our clients as a bridge SE. That is why BJIT sent me to Japan so that I can talk to ARCHECO team face to face and support the project and make a progress smoothly.

Q. What is your impression on ARCHECO?

A. I've had heard ARCHECO is one of the best design companies in Japan when I was in Bangladesh. Aftab san also told me you are a very skilled design team. Now I know what I've heard about your team is true. Also I had a stereotype about Japanese companies being very serious but people in ARCHECO don't seem typical and are very friendly.

Q. What is the difference between working in Bangladesh and Japan?

A. I have my own desk in Bangladesh office but ARCHECO has no specific desk. I can choose wherever I want to sit depending on how I feel today. The atmosphere feels like Google office from what I know. Also I was surprised and happy when you had a welcome dinner for me. We don't have this culture in Bangladesh and I was not expecting it at all.

Sohel san's welcome dinner (his fist time using chopsticks)

Q. Do you have your favorite Japanese words?

A. I can't choose... Is it okay to give a few?
"Yabai (very good/bad)", "Mabu desu (good friends)", "Otsukaresamadesu (good job)"

Ask Sohel san about how to use them, everyone!

Q. What is your goals you wanna achieve in this 3 months?

A. To complete the project on time and accomplish my role as a bridge SE.

Q. Do you have something you wanna say to close the interview?

A. I'm proud of working with such a great company like ARCHECO. People here have multiple talents. Give me some! Hahaha

Thank you, Sohel san for the great interview. It was so nice to get to know you a bit more! From what I know, Sohel san and all BJIT team are filled with great pride for work and passion to commit. I'm proud and happy to work with such a excellent team too.

We will keep updated with our engagement between BJIT and ARCHECO in our next articles. Stay tuned!